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Recent supply chain studies by PwC and Ernst & Young have pointed out that in order to survive the market forces, there is a need to manage its volatility and that this should be the direction that logistics management personnel adopt and adapt to quickly. With growth patterns becoming increasingly harder to predict due to various uncertainties like natural disasters and political instabilities, there is no one method for end to end supply chain planning.

Moreover, the economic outlook on the world has been looking challenging in recent years especially with the Euro crisis that has had a rippling effect on the economies of Asia. However, business is still on despite all of these uncertainties and logistics based companies have indicated of their desire to strive on but this means adapting.

In Asia, specifically in Southeast Asia, where there is an ever increasing need for logistics due to the spectacular growth of emerging economies and a potentially new emerging one, analysts have indicated the need for collaboration and transformational strategies through the sharing of information and increased visibility. Hence the term “big data” comes into play, and thus in 2013, there was a surge in the number of firms adopting the use of it.

With the availability of data of goods on demand, the control has gone back into the hands of customers. On top of that, customers at the other end are becoming ever more insistent on timely and perfect deliveries while bargaining for the lowest supply chain costs possible. So there is a need to make sense of this direction that the markets seem to be taking.

With the insights of industry experts and heavyweights, Logistics Insight Asia will be your guide to ensuring that you are on the correct path with your business because we show you how to possess the maximum flexibility in your supply chain that will keep you abreast with the latest policies and schemes in the world of logistics.

Logistics Insight Asia will cover all technical, business and social aspects within the logistics industry and it is the must have value add gateway to potentially growing your business to greater heights.

Logistics Insight Asia provides extensive coverage for everything that involves supply chain planning: materials, products, information and finances from suppliers to manufacturers to consumers. Coupled with regular interactions with industry leaders, our presence at major exhibitions and events ensure that we are up to speed with the latest developments and trends in the industry.

Logistics Insight Asia offers the content in both print and electronic versions. The print version is presented in an attractive and easy to read layout while the electronic version is dynamic and interactive. Our website is updated daily with industry news plus we have a weekly email newsletter. Our online presence ensures that Logistics Insight Asia has an extended reach well beyond the borders of Asia.

There are always opportunities for growth here in Asia and the rest of the world. And we at Logistics Insight Asia will be here to meet the information needs of the supply chains professionals and decision makers working in all the different manufacturing sectors.

Logistics Insight Asia will keep all shippers and those in the logistics business, both leading and aspiring, in the loop with the latest happenings in Asia without you having to leave the comfort of your office!