Guidelines for choosing a self-storage provider this festive season

As demand for self-storage surge during the festive season, SSAA has published four important guidelines to observe when choosing a provider.

Self-Storage Association Asia

According to the Self-Storage Association Asia, the demand for self-storage tends to surge during the festive season (Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year).


Helen Ng, chair of Self-Storage Association Asia (SSAA), said, “As households decorate their homes for the festive season, the question of storage arises. Christmas trees and Chinese New Year decorations are bulky items that take up storage space.  With shrinking apartment sizes in cities such as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo, space-starved households are largely responsible for the 10 to 15 per cent increase in demand for self-storage during the festive season.”


With the rapid proliferation of self-storage facilities across Asia, Ng says “households are spoilt for choice”.  She added, “While choice is always a good thing, new, standalone facilities run by inexperienced operators have sprung up alongside the more established names, leading to concerns about standards and quality. It is important for households to ask the right questions when choosing a self-storage provider.”


To help households in Asia identify the right provider for their self-storage needs, the SSAA has published a list of four important guidelines to observe when choosing a provider.


Choose a self-storage provider that is a member of the SSAA

  • Ng said, “The SSAA provides guidelines on industry best practices such as fire safety guidelines.  Choosing a self-storage provider that is a member of the SSAA ensures a high standard of fire safety and customer service.”


Choose a self-storage provider that has stringent fire-safety procedures and regulations in place

  • Ng said, “It is of paramount importance that self-storage providers adhere to stringent fire-safety protocols enforced by local fire departments and observe the guidelines laid down by local fire safety departments.  Things to look out for within self-storage facilities include fire safety equipment, emergency exits, a number to call in case of an emergency and clear signage.”


Choose a self-storage provider that offers secure access to its facilities, self-storage units and your belongings

  • Ng said, “There should be 24/7 CCTV monitoring of the facilities as well as secure access to storage units via keycard or biometric control system.”


Choose a self-storage provider that offers flexible unit sizes and storage terms

  • Ng said, “Self-storage is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The provider should be able to provide a unit that fits your needs and accommodates your storage period (usually from two weeks to as long as you need to store your items). Do not be afraid to ask for discounts. The industry practice is to offer discounts pegged to the period of storage.”


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