ASEAN trade to China gets boost with Suzhou-GeTS connectivity

GeTS to link Suzhou and China to the rest of world with more efficient trade processes.

ASEAN Global eTrade Services (GeTS) Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council Suzhou Logistic Park e-commerce Platform

Trade with ASEAN has just gotten easier, more accessible and predictable with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Suzhou Logistic Park e-commerce Platform (operator of Suzhou E-commerce Single Window) and Global eTrade Services (GeTS). The two organisations are collaborating to facilitate more efficient trade and logistics processes between Suzhou and ASEAN countries.


At the 11th Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council (SJCC) meeting held in Suzhou on 24 November 2017, Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Finance and SJCC Co-Chairman, highlighted that GeTS has linked-up with the Suzhou Industrial Park’s (SIP) Single Trade Window as of August 2017. This will enhance trade connectivity and support trade growth between China and the countries along the Belt and Road, from Asia to Europe.


Suzhou Logistic Park e-commerce Platform’s mission is to promote efficient, convenient and low-cost development of Suzhou’s cross-border trade services, and currently has close to 300 companies using the Suzhou E-commerce Single Window to facilitate cross-border trade. With the rapid growth of its manufacturing base in the Jiangsu province, the Suzhou e-commerce Platform is leveraging GeTS’ global cross-border connectivity of 22 Customs nodes to provide wider trade connectivity to companies in the Suzhou Logistic Park through its E-commerce Single Window. This means that companies and shippers locally can ship their goods to more cities while clearing Customs processes more efficiently through GeTS. This is expected to create a ripple effect for other cities along One Belt One Road (OBOR) where these markets can increase their trade with other Chinese cities, provinces and beyond.


Pan Jiangang, chairman of Suzhou Logistic Park e-commerce Platform, said, “Since the inception and success of the Suzhou Industrial Park and even before that, China has always work closely with Singapore to drive successes in the many different industries, including trade. Through this partnership with GeTS, not only are we getting GeTS’ know-how of Singapore as a logistic hub, we are also enabling Suzhou companies to have a bigger global market where they can trade with.”


Eugene Wong, chairman of GeTS, added, “E-commerce is expected to drive global trade in the future, and China as a world leader in this space, will continue to play a pivotal role. Therefore, it is critical that Singapore and ASEAN stay connected to China and the rest of the world. For GeTS, this is just the first step of our multi-prong strategy to link up ASEAN and the rest of the world to China. As GeTS continue to expand its trade connectivity with China and with other markets, we are one step closer to our goal as the world leader in cross-border trade facilitation.”


GeTS is bringing its xBS (Cross-Border Services) that includes services such as goods declaration, advanced manifest declaration, and streamlined trade and logistic processes to the partnership. With 22 Customs nodes globally, GeTS has a strong presence in ASEAN through hive (highly interconnected & vibrant e-trade) – a recently launched platform that connects all ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Associations (AFFA) members of more than 10,000 to leverage GeTS’ services, and connects users with tens of thousands of businesses from all over Asia through hive’s Partner Discovery Service.


Beyond providing services, GeTS will be working together with Suzhou Logistic Park e-commerce Platform on information sharing, risk controlling, statistical monitoring, corporate credit and intelligent logistics.


“Suzhou has always been a forward-looking city when it opened its doors many years ago for new businesses to capitalise on the opportunities it has to offer. For GeTS, Suzhou is a logical choice for us to establish a global trade connectivity gateway to China as our mission is to accelerate cross-border trade,” said Chong Kok Keong, CEO of GeTS. “This is a win-win partnership as Suzhou traders will have a greater access to where we have connected Customs nodes; while our existing 163,000 connected parties can directly connect to Suzhou and the gateway to the Chinese markets.”