B&H Worldwide named best-in-class global aerospace logistics company

Best-in-Class accreditation is awarded to only one company in each vertical market.

B&H Worldwide Best-in-Class Global Aerospace Logistics Company Global Institute of Logistics

B&H Worldwide has been named as the world’s Best-in-Class Global Aerospace Logistics Company by the Global Institute of Logistics. Best-in-Class accreditation is awarded to only one company in each vertical market and further establishes B&H’s market-leading position, worldwide.


Speaking about the award which was presented to B&H’s senior management at a ceremony in London, Kieron Ring, CEO of the Global Institute of Logistics said, “It is our judgment that B&H Worldwide is the benchmark independent freight forwarder in the global aerospace logistics space.  Our research coupled with peer group opinion left us in no doubt that B&H Worldwide is deserving of Best-in-Class accreditation.”


The Global Institute benchmarks and tests potential award recipients to ensure the status of the recognition and reports its findings.


Added Ring, “B&H Worldwide is operating and executing to logistics standards beyond what is considered normal for the industry. A combination of factors driven by the demands of the aerospace industry combined with three decades of hands-on experience in the vertical has propelled the company to the top of the class, to Best-in-Class.”


“Having worked personally on the research into B&H I can’t help using a medical metaphor to describe their approach. By way of an example an AOG situation is the equivalent of a medical emergency, and for the most part is best dealt with by a specialist, the top person in the field. That’s how B&H are regarded by their customers, miles ahead of a general practitioner, skilled, timely and resolute in their approach, intuitively knowing what’s best while at the same time keeping a cool head.”


B&H CEO Stuart Allen commented, “Being named the world’s Best-in-Class Global Aerospace Logistics Company endorses our uniqueness and confirms our belief in specialising solely in this sector. Our desire to be the best, rather than the biggest is borne out by this extraordinary independent award.”


He went on to say that the accreditation is an exceptional honour for the B&H team worldwide. “I am truly grateful to our employees around the world for their passion and ambition to exceed the standards of service in aerospace logistics and of course to all our customers who took part in the Institute’s research.”