Consoveyo builds partnership with JYSK in Bulgaria

Consoveyo S.A. has announced a new project in Eastern Europe, with JYSK, the largest Danish global retailer of household goods.

ASRS Bulgaria Consoveyo JYSK RGV

Consoveyo S.A. has announced a new project in Eastern Europe, with JYSK, the largest Danish global retailer of household goods. For its first project with the international retail chain, Consoveyo will customize its Automated Storage and Handling System (ASRS) technology, apply its Rail Guided Vehicle (RGVs) system, and integrate Inconso’s Warehouse Management System by SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) to the client’s new automated distribution center in Bozhuristhe, Bulgaria.

After executing the Sofia Airport Baggage Handling System, this project will be Consoveyo’s next largest achievement in Bulgaria.

Jorge Couto, Marketing & Sales Director at Consoveyo, shared, “JYSK’s new automated warehouse is a significant addition to Consoveyo’s growing list of references, and is also a positive step in our expansion plans for the Eastern European market. This is a key project that will enable Consoveyo to demonstrate its capabilities in tailoring its first-in-class automated warehousing and distribution solutions for a major retail supplier.”

In addition to delivering two high-bay ASRS warehouses, Consoveyo will provide JYSK with 14 high-rise stacker cranes that can reach heights of 40 m and 120,000 pallet locations. Both high-bay warehouses will be connected to the inbound, picking, and the shipping areas by Consoveyo’s RGVs. Efficient and fast, the RGV system can travel up to 450 m, and is ideal for complex sorting applications or for connecting very distant points within a facility smoothly. Several lifts and conveyors will also be integrated to connect different floors and facilitate the buffering of goods during the inbound and outbound processes.

Furthermore, inconso, a sister company under Körber’s Business Area Logistics Systems, will apply its comprehensive experience of SAP-based software implementation on this project. inconso will integrate a warehouse management system, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) 9.4, with a material flow system, SAP EWM MFS, and two SAP-based inconso add-ons – inconsoSIM and inconsoS/Line. The latter improves communication between SAP logistics systems and subordinate control levels, while inconsoSIM performs emulations to ensure all warehouse procedures are thoroughly tested before the distribution center switches to full-load operations.

Covering 300,000 m2, JYSK’s new distribution center will possess a storage capacity of around 150,000 m3, which is nearly as large as the retail giant’s main distribution center in Uldum, Denmark. Upon completion, once finished in 2019, the center will bring several benefits – such as a reduced lead time between order and delivery, lower distribution costs, and better customer service – to JYSK’s stores in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Balkan region. JYSK’s 100-million-euro investment is part of the retail chain’s efforts to expand its global footprint, and to create employment and economic development in the Sofia province in Bulgaria.