Singapore logistics startup Yojee raised another S$3mn

Yojee ​keeps storming forward with investments coming in to give the company long term funding for its ​blockchain, AI and machine learning ​backed value added innovation logistics technology.

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Yojee is a Singapore publicly listed technology company which introduced the new ways of communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain. Raised over 10 million up to date with the last funding round of 3 million came in on the 8th of August via share placement. The company will use the proceedings to further funding long term technology, sales and marketing plan leveraging existing customers and expanding further.

The company offers everyone an opportunity to join the ‘world’s first’ collaborative cross border logistics network which connects shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in seconds, with already tens of thousands of kilograms of freight moving through the network. For shippers and carriers, the route optimisation algorithms with machine learning capabilities suggest the best asset for each delivery job using both current and historical data, based on more than 30 criteria.

Revolutionary Yojee SmartAssign allows companies to make smart job assignment decisions without touching a button. Fully powered by Yojee Ai (Artificial Intelligence) this mode dynamically determines and passes the job to the most suitable driver for each job based on many different criteria including proximity, available vehicle capacity, driver capacity, road conditions, and many others.

Yojee aims for a 70% reduction in the headcount required in operations and customer service to manage a logistics business, creating substantial operational savings alongside freight efficiencies by introducing more features promoting autonomous operations.

In addition to Yojee SmartAssign, Yojee Broadcasts (uberfied mode) can be chosen, this adds a third option for companies’ operational modes, Yojee AI pushes jobs to a number of most suitable drivers and allows them to accept or reject the job, broadcast options are fully configurable including number of drivers per broadcast, time interval before re-broadcasting, which will give additional opportunities to optimise the operations.

Big data analytics dashboard
Big data and predictive analytics gives logistics companies the extra edge they need to optimise and manage their operations giving managers the aggregated bird’s eye view to the top data points. Analytics dashboard with customisable display allows real time visualisations of key operational and financial metrics which in addition to seamless dispatch work helps automated systems to function through intelligently routing many different data sets and data streams.

Control tower enhancement
Enhancement of Control Tower – users of the Yojee platform software now able to move jobs across companies. fully connected, seamless transfer, networked ecosystem