Supply Chain Key to Success in China – Outlook 2014

China is struggling, but making progress, to morph into an economy that is driven by domestic consumption, but the logistics infrastructure to enable this transformation is a major challenge.

China Logistics

It’s no secret that China’s domestic consumption is rising rapidly. Chinese consumers are buying more of everything (from apparel and white goods to luxury items and home ware) and as they buy more, from more channels, including online, at single brand stores and from large specialty chains, domestic and foreign owned companies have to re-asses their supply chain infrastructure in China for both selling and making goods

Supply Chain in China was once an afterthought or was only thought of in terms of the MAKE and SHIP processes include din manufacturing in China.  But as China becomes not only the factory of the world but the “mall of the world” this can no longer be true, as Suresh Dalai, an expert in operations in the fashion industry in China, told me: