January – February 2014

Editors Comment


    As I lay helplessly on the bed peering through the gloomy tinted windows of a hospital throughout the year end festive holidays due to a bout of (possible) salmonella poisoning thanks to a bloody (literally) chicken wing, I pondered how the best laid plans for the double festive bash could go to waste out of nowhere!... Read More

Industry News

Strategy & Business

  • New Trends, New Hopes

    In the past few years, the world economy has slowly got back to its feet and is seeing new trends – some larger than others – that will spell changes in the world of logistics. In this section, SYED SHAH connects with logistics industry leaders who shed some light on these trends in 2014.... Read More

Handling & Storage

  • Lotte Mart’s Innovative DC

    Lotte Mart is one of Korea’s top retailers, with a growing number of department stores and supermarkets taking advantage of the strong growth in the discount store sector. The key to supporting its expansion are improved supply chain operations, including a pair of innovative distribution centres (DC).... Read More

    MICHAEL BRADSHAW gives his insight on the trends and technologies for the world of sorting and what to expect for an effi cient Distribution Centre (DC).... Read More

Track & Trace


    Didier Lacroix explains the concepts from pin-point accurate inventory control in the pharmaceuticals industry to the mundane logistics of processing DVD returns and how manufacturers are looking towards automated image-based solutions to ensure effi ciency and productivity.... Read More

Last Mile


    The country of Myanmar is headed towards greater liberalisation of its economy – a path that bodes well for both the country and investors alike provided the challenges and opportunities are well understood on both ends. YASMIN ALADAD KHAN explains.... Read More