SHEKAR NATARAJAN is a supply chain professional and scholar who has written numerous articles and books. He shares his thoughts on challenges facing the industry and other topics with LEE KOK LEONG.

supply chain professional

Shekar Natarajan is the North American director of supply planning for Anheuser Busch, maker of Budweiser. He is the developer and co-author of the planning methodology Planning By Design with
co-author Richard Muther and Simplified Systematic Network Planning – Six Steps To Eff ective Network Planning with Lee Hales which is translated into six languages. A new book, Systematic Logistics Redesign, will be published later
this year.

He serves on the board of College Industry Council of Material Handling Equipment and Material Handling Institute of America and is co-chairman of the Institute Of High Performance Planners.
He also serves on the board of Colalife, a non-profi t organization committed to children’s health in developing countries by using innovative supply chain concepts to deliver medicine in Africa. For his keynote delivery at Movimat 2008, the largest Latin American Logistics show and contributions to the society, the government of Brazil formally recognized him for the content and insights he
provided for developing and managing supply chain processes. His contributions also won him the 2010 Medallion Award, the highest honor from Institute of Industrial Engineering.